The Importance of Local SEO

Albuquerque SEO (search engine optimization) is no longer just about local underdog shops anymore; practically any business today can take full advantage of the benefits local SEO and web marketing has to offer. Since Google’s “Pigeon” update in 2014, local SEO has grown in importance, forcing many businesses to reconsider their strategy and start taking their inbound marketing campaign seriously. Those who were already practicing ordinary website optimization strategies took advantage of this opportunity to further their course, because they realized how important local SEO has become – and this is not changing anytime soon. The importance of local SEO is highlighted in detail below:

1.Google Favors Local Businesses

Google has traditionally had a soft spot for newer, smaller, and more aggressive/agile companies. Although much of the ranking tend to favor brand’s history and authority, the search engine giant also strives to deliver what people want, even if it means showcasing nimbler and more popular brands. Google enables small business owners – with limited access to useful resources – to have an opportunity to break new ground. This has been evident in its long history of providing useful business tools for free – including Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. These tools have helped small businesses increase their brand visibility online. It is clear that Google favors local businesses.

2. More and More Personalized Results

Google tends to give people custom results. With its predictive and personalized search features improved every day, people can expect more customized search results, as Google obtains your customers’ geographic location and displays local business’ relevant to the search. With this feature, the future of local SEO remains bright. Also the use of social media like’s Twitter page, are playing a big part in SEO.images

3. Mobile & Wearable Devices Continue to Gain Popularity

The number of online searches using mobile devices continues to grow, as these searches are often performed on the go. The advent of wearable devices, like the Apple Watch, has seen the number of users performing searches on the go increase tremendously. Consequently, proximity-based searches continue to become popular and so do local searches. Wearable devices produce more geographically relevant searches.

4. Competition is Intensifying

Every year, thousands of new businesses come up and millions of new websites created. This means that potential search visibility continues to drop across geographical locations, prompting the need for more geographic-specific searches, as long-standing blue chip companies, brands, and multinational corporations continue to dominate the national and international search scene. With increased competition, small business owners are forced to find smaller target niches to enhance their visibility, which further magnifies the importance of local SEO.

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The Importance of Success With SEO and Dynamic Web Design.

Putting your product on the top

You might be providing an excellent service or product in your respective field but what if you fail to get people’s attention to your product effectively? It doesn’t matter how brilliant your product is or how nice your website looks, people will buy your product only if they get exposed to it. The right SEO can shoot your website to the top of the search engine results and allow you to capture that valuable traffic. There is a common tendency among people to visit only the first few pages of search engine results and this signifies the importance of SEO.

Optimization for different user interface platforms

You should always remember that visitors of your website will be from different backgrounds and they won’t be just PC users. The percentage of people visiting shopping websites from tablets and smartphones has increased drastically over the last few years and search engines give more attention to those websites with a tablet or smartphone friendly design. If you don’t want your website to be left out, you need give importance to a mobile friendly web design.

The changing search engine algorithms

The major challenge faced by website owners are really from search engines themselves. The search engine algorithms are changing every moment and the optimization you did for one type of algorithm may not be sufficient to accommodate the new change. The way the website ranking will be affected in each algorithm update will be entirely different. To maintain the consistent ranking and to market your product efficiently with the changing environment, you need to be able to provide up to date optimization for your website.

Internet marketing is not just about service quality and there are so many other factors to be considered. Search engine optimization is one of the most crucial factors for taking your product to the top and achieving more visibility. The success of your venture lies solely on the kind of traffic your website can gain and to survive in the current competitive market  – adopting to proper SEO techniques and having an optimized web design is a must!

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